We were able to participate in the publication of a validation article thanks to the data collected via ORBETEC. Hope you will enjoy to read it.

SUMMARY. The present study sought to translate and adapt the Learning Potential of the Workplace Scale (LPW) into the Italian language and assess its psychometric properties. A sample of 729 workers was recruited from 3 different organizations located in Italy. Three studies tested the psychometric validity of the Italian version. The first tested the LPW’s structure and validity by performing confirmatory factor analyses and calculating the scale’s reliabilities. The second tested LPW’s convergent and divergent validities through correlation analyses. The relationship between the LPW’s dimensions, HR training practices, and organizational tradition climate were investigated. Lastly, the third study analyzed the scale construct validity by using structural equation modeling. The relationship of challenging tasks and task feedback with LPW dimensions was observed. Results indicated that the Italian version was reliable, with similar psychometric properties of the original scale and, therefore, a valid instrument for assessing the learning potential of the workplace.

Keywords: Scale validation, Italian translation, Workplace learning, Learning potential, Job characteristics

How to cite: Cangialosi, N., Déprez, G. R. M., Odoardi, C., & Battistelli, A. (2020). Work based learning: Italian adaptation of the learning potential of the workplace scale (lpw). Bollettino di Psicologia Applicata / Applied Psychology Bulletin, 67, 284, 31-44. doi: 10.26387/bpa.284.4