We have submitted the proposal for a workshop at ESOF 2020, which took place from 2 to 6 September 2020 in Trieste, Italy. M. Masciotra, L., Fréour, N., Bazine, M., Penà-Jimenez, N., Cangialosi and G., Déprez presented out topic on “the Human factor in industry 4.0” the 5th of September at 14.30, room 27A.

The workshop “The Human Factor in Industry 4.0” was led by Umbragroup and the University of Florence via Guillaume Déprez (Ph.D.) and Prof. Carlo Odoardi. The Workshop was carried out in connection with the ORBETEC Project. It was an opportunity to present Orbetec and other current research carried out by our international team PROTEHUS on the theme of Industry 4.0. The presentation was live, but it was also possible to attend via virtual sessions, which most participants did.

The ESOF date was a success!

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