ORBETEC: "ORganisational Behaviour with nEw TEChnologies: a human resources management model for industry 4.0"



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The objective of the ORBETEC project sponsored by the European Community through the Marie Curie Programme is to generate a human resources management model applied to the reality of industry 4.0 through the study of organizational, collective, individual innovation processes in relation to the new logic of the market.

The research is carried out at the UmbraGroupa Foligno (IT) headquarters and will subsequently be extended to UmbraGroup’s subsidiaries in America (Thomson Aerospace& Defense – Saginow UCI – Everett) and Germany (KUHN – Freiberg am Neckare PKE – Eltmann).


Research on the Fourth Industrial Revolution is gaining ground and is an important factor in Europe’s economic development. However, the effect of human resources management compared to Industry 4.0 is still little studied in terms of analysis and research contributions. Given the ever-changing dynamics that have favoured the implementation of new technologies in organisations (autonomous robots, virtual reality, big data, etc.), It becomes strategic to define a model adapted to Industry 4.0 in order to direct Organizations towards integrated organizational and technological innovation paths.


This innovative project is part of a highly complex technological context such as that of UmbraGroup, which operates in the Aerospace sector with the aim of creating the best working environment where the entire professional community can make continuous contributions to innovation by outlining new models for the management and enhancement of human resources. In this sense, ORBETEC investigates the role of practices, professional behaviour and human resources dynamics in a 4.0 environment.

ORBETEC also analyses competences for Industry 4.0 outlining a new empirically validated competence model and the related strategic skills and action plans necessary to promote and support proactive professional behaviours in relation to innovation processes at individual, group and organizational level. In particular, the research project also focuses on process analysis and team development for innovation and more suitable to support the development of Industry 4.0.

A Project of Excellence

ORBETEC is funded by the European Commission through Horizon2020. ORBETEC is an individual funding (IF) which is part of the Societeet Entreprise (SE) Panel under the European Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). Obtaining an MSCA-IF grant is a test of excellence. In fact, most of the time only projects that have received more than 94% evaluation are funded.

One of the main objectives of the MSCA-IF is to develop new research methods by supporting researchers so that they can reach an international level of excellence and contribute to the knowledge and transferability of new statistical models and methods and new research methodology practices.

The Research Team

ORBETEC is above all the project of a team composed of Professor Adalgisa Battistelli (scientific key person), Professor Carlo Odoardi of the University of Florence and currently director of the Strategic Human Resource Management for Innovation Department of UmbraGroup as scientific supervisor, and Guillaume Déprez (Ph.Din Psychology of work and organizations at the University of Bordeaux) as individual fellow and research coordinator.

Also participating in the research are: Paola Ponti (Specialist in Human Resource Management and Expert in Innovation Psychology at the University of Florence), Nicola Cangialosi (Ph.D. in Psychology of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Florence), Mirko Antino (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Vera Protz (HR Service of UmbraGroup), Alessandra Bordoni (HR Service of UmbraGroup) and Martina Grelli (HR Service of UmbraGroup).


ORBETEC represents one of the few researches that explores the dynamics of Industry 4.0 in the field of organizational behavior and aims to contribute to the definition of an international model of management and enhancement of human resources. ORBETEC is characterized by improving the performance, productivity and quality of working life of a company contributing to the positive economic and social impact at regional, national and European level.

The first results of ORBETEC research are going to be published in international scientific journals. The results will also be disseminated in 2020 through national and international events and workshops.



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