“The aim of this international week is first and foremost to raise awareness and encourage students from all fields of study to undertake mobility abroad. To make them want to open up to the world and to offer them the opportunities to do so. This week also has a strong cultural and linguistic dimension. The “language and culture” departments on each of the campuses are very involved,” says Joanne Pagèze, Vice President in charge of internationalisation at the University of Bordeaux. The 15 november 2018, I was able to tell how European projects have had a real added value in my career as a researcher.

Universite Bordeaux 2-Victoire“, by Fabien1309, licensed under CC-BY-SA-2.0.

Translated Speech: Obtaining this fellowship is a great experience because it allows you to develop your knowledge, abilities, and skills as a researcher at an international level. The criterion of excellence is an asset and opens up the possibility of participating in new collaborations on research projects and publications. Submitting a Marie Curie application requires investment. It is preferable to start thinking early and avoid starting the writing just 1 month before. It is also essential to co-construct and co-write the project with the laboratory where you wish to leave. Get help from International Relations (RIPI)! Arm yourself with courage and be prepared to be resilient, it’s worth it! (Guillaume Déprez)