The workshop “The Human Factor in Industry 4.0” was led by Umbragroup and the University of Florence via Guillaume Déprez (Ph.D.) and Prof. Carlo Odoardi. The Workshop was carried out in connection with the ORBETEC Project. It was an opportunity to present Orbetec and other current research carried out by our international team PROTEHUS on the theme of Industry 4.0. The presentation was live, but it was also possible to attend via virtual sessions, which most participants did.

Trieste – Canal Grande al tramonto“, by Luca Aless, licensed under CC-BY SA-4.0

The ESOF numbers speak for themselves: more than 2500 participants registered for the event, and among them, more than 1000 present in person as well as 1400 connected remotely every day. ESOF2020 was in the global spotlight: online visitors came from 52 countries across five continents. Regarding online communication, and in particular social networks, the ESOF2020 Facebook page reached more than 500 000 contacts, with 26 000 interactions. There were 200 000 interactions on Twitter and 237 000 visits to the ESOF2020 website. ESOF2020 benefited from very substantial media coverage, with more than 700 mentions in print and on the web during the duration of the conference.

The session “The Human Factor in Industry 4.0” (P_1430) attracted 69 on-line views in real time on the Livebit platform.

To further increase visibility, Fondazione Internazionale Trieste will promote all available conference’s video recordings through its YouTube channel

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The Human Factor in Industry 4.0

Speakers (Déprez, Cangialosi, Bazine, Fréour, Masciotra, & Pena-Jimenez) were part of an international research team working in close collaboration with UmbraGroup, and respectively directed by the Pr. Carlo Odoardi (Università di Firenze), the Pr. Adalgisa Battistelli (University of Bordeaux), and the Pr. Jean-Sébastien Boudrias (Université de Montréal).