We have submitted the proposal for a workshop at ESOF 2020, which will take place from 2 to 6 September 2020 in Trieste, Italy.

We are pleased to have seen our workshop on Human Factor Issues in Industry 4.0 accepted.

L., Fréour, N., Bazine, M., Penà-Jimenez, N., Cangialosi and G., Déprez will present their research and host the Workshop.

Trieste – Canal Grande al tramonto“, by Luca Aless, licensed under CC-BY SA-4.0

The workshop “The Human Factor in Industry 4.0” is led by Umbragroup and the University of Florence via Guillaume Déprez (Ph.D.) and Prof. Carlo Odoardi. The Workshop is carried out in connection with the ORBETEC Project. ORBETEC is sponsored by the European Community through the Marie Curie Programme and aims to generate a human resources management model applied to the reality of industry 4.0 through the study of organizational, collective, and individual innovation processes. Orbetec is only one part of a research group led by Prof. C. Odoardi, and A. Battistelli. Our workshop propose to explore the role of Humans in industry 4.0, using the organizational behaviors perspective. It is an opportunity to present Orbetec and other current research carried out by our international team on the theme of Industry 4.0.

The ESOF date is coming up… Here is the time to talk more about our team!

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Guillaume R. M. DEPREZ

Work and Organizational Psychologist (PH.D.), MSCA-IF-SE-n°797338