Our team’s research has been invited to conduct a symposium chaired by Professor Battistelli from 20 to 23 May in the Canary Islands in Spain. 

Vista de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria“, by Himarerme, licensed under Public Domain.

Déprez, G., Cangialosi, N., & Odoardi, C. (2020). Industry 4.0, how task characteristics help employees to proactively seek for training. Dans A. Battistelli (Chair), The challenge of Work and Organizational Psychology in organizations 40: theoretical perspectives, empirical contributions and methodological strategies. Invited symposium at Congresso Internacional de Psicologia del Trabajo y los RR. HH. (CPRH), May 20–23, Gran canaria, Spain.

Symposium Abstract: The fourth industrial revolution is characterized by the introduction of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, autonomous robots, cobots and virtual reality. These multiple and integrated technologies generate transformations in human and social dimensions in organizations (such as: the ways of working, new knowledge, skills and abilities, the ways of working in interconnected networking, in real and virtual teams and mixed members: robots and humans collaboration, etc.). The consequences are new organizational environments that require a creative, proactive, motivated and involved workforce (Ross, 2016) and new human resources management able to  manage continuous development of their staff, to recognize and value their skills,  to ensure stimulating working conditions, well-being and quality of work-life (Cascio & Montealegre, 2016). This symposium aims to present and discuss the first theoretical, methodological and empirical issues of Industry 4.0. The first presentation (Battistelli) concerns some important research questions in WOP and first propositions about related theoretical perspectives. The second (Antino & Rodríguez-Muñoz) contributes with a methodological issue about the role of time in organizational phenomena for understanding psychological constructs and processes in their evolution in these new organizational environments. The third (Peña Jimenez & Battistelli) contributes with a theoretical model about skills for industry 4.0. The fourth (Cangialosi  & Odoardi) concerns an empirical research which used the methodology of network analysis for understanding the dynamic cross-functional collaborations in an organization 4.0. Finally, the fifth (Déprez et al.) presents a cross-sectional study which investigates the relationship between the perceived technological environment and proactively seeking for training and the mediation role of cognitive and relational skills needs.


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