Two months before the start of the ORBETEC project, we presented the challenges of digitization in the 4th industrial revolution. What are the issues, the risks, the changes it brings to the reality of work and the functioning of organizations? We were able to present these different issues at the AIPTLF 2018 during a workshop with Professors Battistelli and Pohl.

Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux, France“, by Xellery, licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0.

Battistelli, A., Pohl, S., & Déprez, G. (2018). Les défis de la proactivité dans les nouvelles organisations technologiques. Workshop at XXème congrès de l’association internationale de psychologie du travail de langue française (AIPTLF), July 9–12, Bordeaux, France.

Abstract: The last decade has been marked by an acceleration of transformations within all types of organizations, mainly brought about by the massive introduction of new information and communication technologies (NT), robotics and related technologies. We are fully into what is called the “4th Industrial Revolution”.
A massive development of innovations (technological, organizational and social) is observed in all public and private production and service organizations. The scientific literature, for some years now, has been interested in the effects of the introduction and use of NT in organizations. However, the recent and very rapid growth of NT in the 4th Industrial Revolution has not yet allowed the development of an appropriate and in-depth scientific knowledge of the psychological and social factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the introduction and massive implementation of NW. How do organisations contribute to the design, organisation of work, etc.? How do people accept, appropriate and use NTs? These are questions that have been little or not studied and which we propose to focus on in this incubator. Under proposed themes: current state of research, targeting of the main axes, reflection on future prospects to be investigated (translated from French to English).

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